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  • 2017

    Looking for a way get involved?

    Over the years, PDRC’s supporters and those who believe in bringing positive change have engaged in various activities in order to change the lives of Dalit and underprivileged students. To keep this momentum going, we are expecting individuals, families and the potential partners to get inspired and help us in bring our effort of supporting the needy students.

    For inspiration, take a look at how others got involved:

    • 9 individual donors came with their hands stretched and supported 14 students. PDRC strongly believes that their effort though may seem mediocre in monetary value, will be a fortune changing impact on the life of those who have been supported.
    • 4 individuals, 3 corporations and 4 civil society organizations have come together to support the mission of taking Dalits and underprivileged educated youth to the decision making level of the nation through the PSC Exam preparation program.
    • Our people living in the different corners of the world have been constantly helping us in our mission through financial and non- financial means.
    • Like-minded friends in the development sector with wider reach and resources have been supporting us through providing funds and international experts which have helped us to amplify our effort in ensuring quality education.
    • Our alumni who have been working in their respective fields have been on their will, providing support to another past version of them so that they too can bring their dream into reality.

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