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    We harbored a dream of establishing a well-equipped learning center with a sufficient number of computers, dedicated internet service and a large stock of student resources for many years. With support from the Centre for International Studies and Cooperation (CECI), the dream was translated into reality and our learning center was established in 2012.  We now have a fully furnished computer center and library at our office where we welcome students to make much use of them. We intend to impart IT knowledge, English language skills and other basic administrative skills including the access to an online degree offered by some of the best universities in the world. Through our learning center, we hope to expose and engage each Dalit youth to the most efficient, effective and recent IT and communication technologies. Our learning center encourages youths to use social media intelligently and professionally as a career-building tool.



    It is a widely celebrated fact that the world is getting narrower day by day due to the shrinkage of time and space triggered by the IT revolution. On the other side, however, the digital divide is expanding at the equivalent speed. We have launched our learning center as a small step to challenge the digital divide prevailing in the developing country like ours. In the wake of the booming trend of MOOCs (Massive Online Open Courses) like Coursera and EdX, the idea of knowledge has undergone a paradigm shift. Knowledge is now just a click away for everyone and everywhere. Our learning center aims to link our students to the MOOCs offered by the university’s oceans apart.

    It is a proven fact that a college degree does not suffice to make a youth ready for a job: he/she needs computer skills and English skills to gain equal access to job opportunities. Our learning center provides them opportunities to get exposed to these skills.


    Our learning center has served hundreds of students since its establishment. Many students come and learn the basics of computers, the internet, and social media on a daily basis. Some of the students work on their dissertation and research work while others organize their CVs and different letters from our learning center using our books, computers, and internet. We are conducting a massive campaign for enrolling more of our students into MOOCs offered by foreign universities and facilitating them to grasp and complete the courses successfully. We are planning to be the local MOOC facilitator of the universities abroad who are providing free Online courses.


    Our learning center was established with the help from Center for International Studies and Cooperation (CECI). We are also planning to upgrade our learning center. Please contact us if you can or know who can support us.

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