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  • Academic & Career Counseling

    PDRC has won the hearts of hundreds of Dalit youth through its Academic and Career counseling service. Many students who come to PDRC are from rural areas and they lack information about academic and career opportunities. Our highly trained staff who are passionate about student success and supporting Dalit youth in achieving their goals are committed to providing individualized service for each student that walks through our door.  Through our counseling service, youth receive current and customized support to their academic and career questions and concerns and are empowered to make independent yet informed decisions about their academic and career opportunities.


    Our office is open to every student, every guardian, who comes to seek for our counseling service. Closely examining the student’s interest; score, talent, and future plan, we help students weigh the pros and cons of choosing a certain path or institution. We not only provide students with ample information, but we also equip them with critical thinking skills to encourage them to be independent yet informed decision-makers.


    PDRC has counseled more than 3500 students from impoverished and vulnerable communities since its’ inception om 2005.  As a result of our support, most of the youth we counseled have now completed their studies by now and have chosen to continue advancing their studies and education even further.

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