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  • President’s Message

    By equipping hundreds of Dalit youths with skills and competency required for a self-sustained and dignified life, PDRC has carved a distinct niche for itself amidst a number of organizations working in the field of education and competency development. In our 18-year long journey of championing for the quality, value-based and employable education to Dalit youths, we might not have brought extraordinary result but the result we have produced with whatever resource we have is certainly not less than anything extraordinary.  I cordially invite you to browse our website to witness the milestones of progress PDRC has erected so far.

    As many of our well-wishers are aware, PDRC was initially envisioned as a catalyst to ignite the passion of science and technology in Dalit youths. Our vision, however, has undergone tremendous proliferation over the course of time as we have realized the importance of producing social entrepreneurs and social engineers along with medical doctors and engineers—so that we can directly intervene at the source of the injustice, not just the consequences. Hence, with an aim to ensuring the Dalit community’s access to the policymaking level, we have been providing motivational and financial support to the Dalit youths who want to appear Public Service Commission’s exam to enter into government sector jobs.

    Observing the Dalit movement closely, I have realized the lack of 2 crucial forces to leverage the movement further. The first one is the lack of sturdy leadership and another one is the void of academic and intellectual research/discourse on Dalit issue. In order to mitigate both the lapses, PDRC has been running different programs and services to strengthen Dalit youth’s leadership and intellectual capacities. This website will tell you how PDRC’s interventions have been producing results in different areas to reinforce the currently diluted Dalit movement.

    I am glad to say that PDRC has been backed up by many well-wishers and agencies. I would like to extend sincere gratitude towards our stakeholders including students, parents, teachers, fellow NGO/DNGO, national and international donor agencies; and PDRC advisory board, executive committee, and PDRC staff members for the unwavering support they have provided to us. I would also like to commit that, with frugality and prudence, PDRC will continue to work for uplifting the status of Dalit youths through academic, intellectual and professional skill enhancement.

    Mrs Kamala Hemchuri

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