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  • Academic and Intellectual Discourse on Dalit

    What is AI Discourse?

    Academic and Intellectual Discourse on Dalit is a special course designed for the next generation of leaders & scholars. Launched in 2011, AI Discourse is a complete course devoted to exploring the issues of Dalit movement from different perspectives. This course is further designed to assess the current state of the Dalit movement, its successes, and its failures. The course will also examine the roles of state and international communities with regard to the upliftment of Dalit community. The program brings together a group of 15-20 emerging political and social leaders, government service personnel, non-governmental representatives, post-graduate students, and emerging researchers.

    Why AI Discourse?

    The Dalit movement in Nepal has a long legacy and originated before the democratic movements started in Nepal. However, in comparison with other social-political movements, the Dalit movement has struggled to gain momentum and vibrancy despite its’ long history and the necessity of mainstreaming Dalit issues and voices within the core of national discourses. There is a huge gap between activism and academics along with discrepancies among the stakeholders on Dalit issues. Intellectual and academic discourse can play a pertinent role in situating Dalit issues within the mainstream and strengthening the Dalit movement. AI Discourse encourages young leaders and scholars to engage in Dalit issues by creating space for an extensive and interdisciplinary field of study of the Dalit community.

    Special Features

    • Critical discourse among young scholars and leaders
    • A selected and small number of participants
    • Research-based academic classes
    • Guest-lectures from renowned scholars
    • Films and documentaries screening
    • Seminars, talks, interactions, and visits
    • Five research grants
    • Research and publications


    This course is designed on the basis of critical issues of Dalit discourse targeted to future leaders and scholars. The class is particularly based on lectures and guest-lectures with supporting activities. Participants are encouraged to be more research-oriented, creative and critical. Term paper writing is one of the most essential exercises during the course of the academic session. The classes will be supplemented with extra-curricular activities like site visits, interactions, seminars and screenings of the films or documentaries related to the course. Each lecture consists of two hours in the morning.

    Who Should Apply?

    Both Dalit and non-Dalit graduates of all disciplines can apply for this course. Participants are required to attend the entire course to receive the certificate of participation. This program is designed for post-graduate students, mid-career professionals working in both government and non-government sectors. Each year we enroll a diverse group of 15-20 participants to enhance their potential to promote Dalit’s rights. Selected individuals are required to participate and contribute to the two hours class each day for  5 weeks and demonstrate a willingness to advance readings. We require at least a bachelor’s degree at the time of their participation in the program. It is expected that each individual should have a good command of written and spoken English.

    Course Contents (Curriculum)

    The Academic and Intellectual Discourse on Dalit consist of the following course package:

    • Cultural and Political History of Dalits
    • Dalit Issues with Reference to Gender, Education, and Economy
    • Development and Inclusion
    • Social Movement in Nepal with Reference to Dalit Movement
    • Dalit in Media & Social Media and Blog Writing Workshop
    • Dalit, Law and Human Rights


    Unless otherwise stated, the Academic and Intellectual Discourse on Dalit will be held in the meeting hall of Professional Development and Research Center (PDRC), Kalanki-14, Kathmandu, Nepal

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