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  • 2 June 2019

    Launched InVEST (Innovative Virtual Education System and Technology) Program

    InVEST is a new initiation of PDRC which targets students right from the secondary level so that they will be eligible to complete the minimum criteria of scholarship in higher education.  The main objective of InVEST is contributing to making conceptual clarity reach the doorstep of disadvantaged students and developing teaching professionalism in youth who contribute to the virtual class. A specialized team is working rigorously so that they can provide virtual support to the students of remotest areas of the nation where the internet connectivity exists/absent but yet to deliver services via online coaching and mentorship.

    This program tools emerged based on an action research study conducted by the Professional team known as “School Mentorship Program for Secondary Level Education underprivileged students in Government School”, located in the Valley (Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Bhaktapur) and this research was supported by the C4C international organization in Nepal.

    It’s a working concept where the secondary level students are mentored by the young graduates through the mentor- proteges virtual relationship. The team which consists of PDRC products has already drafted the syllabus- based materials for 10 different courses virtually and will be carried out R&D which will last for six months for pretesting tools. During this period, it will basically give us practical ideas and strategic results with the secondary level teaching techniques for the targeted students.

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