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    Anita Nepali

    Medical Officer
    1. Anita Nepali (Lalitpur), MBBS, Medical Officer

    “ The preparation session proved to be the success mantra ”

    I was connected with PDRC when I was in class 10. As my parents were not much educated, there was no one to guide me as to what I should study further? When I was connected with PDRC, I felt that I got into the correct place to know more. PDRC has guided me to the correct path. It was PDRC’s proper guidance, which drove me to join the MBBS preparation classes. I used to attend the practice sessions in PDRC which were very effective, as well as I, got a chance to interact with other MBBS aspirants. It helped me to undertake exams and as a result, I got selected for pursuing the MBBS degree.

    PDRC also provided the scholarship for my further studies which was very helpful for me to continue my studies. As the private donor of the scholarship program, Dr. Tom Jacobson is our “God Father” who genuinely supported for my higher quality degree and build my confidence to do more in life not just to those whom you know but to those who are in real need and performs well. PDRC had always been supporting and guiding me for my future since the initial days.

    Once again, I would like to thank Dr. Tom Jacobsen for providing me with this scholarship and making it possible for me to achieve my dream to be a doctor. Thank you so much, Sir. I graduated with an MBBS degree from Tribhuwan University in 2015.

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