Students igniting their passion in Saturday motivation class

23 Sep 2013

Kathmandu-September 21, 2013-On September 21st, more than 40 students were busy kindling their spirit and igniting their wings inside PDRC. But the source of the fire was not the scorching sun outside- it was the motivational speech by their seniors and teachers.

Last Saturday, PDRC saw a several dozens of students excited to listen to their seniors and role models. And they were not let down- four brilliant medical professionals Dr. Aliz Nepali, Dr. Babita Gazmer, Dr. Ashok Shripaili(currently doing MS), Dr. Sangya paudel (Currently doing MS) delivered inspiring speeches. The audience-that comprised of MBBS and paramedical students and entrants- got a chance to listen to their seniors and learn a lot about the study process. Successful medical pass out students told the medical aspirants how to hold on to their dreams during difficult times, how to overcome different challenges, how to make study chart and never lose grip on what they should be doing. Similarly, 9 MBBS studying students told the heart-wrenching story of their struggle during the time of entrance preparation.

Such stories are supposed to make the entrants feel that they are not alone in their journey full of struggle-and that everyone has to go through the painful process before reaping the fruit of success. The students who made it to the Saturday motivational class were from different renowned university and colleges of Nepal including:Institute of Medicine,Nepal Medical College, Kist Medical college, Patan Academy of health Sciences, Kathmandu medical college, Nepal Army institute of health sciences, Kathmandu university, Purbanchal University, Pokhara University and Tribhuwan University.

PDRC's one of the missions is to prepare and produce sound and effective medical professionals in Nepal. Now we already have 29 students studying (including few pass outs) MBBS and many more are on the line. Just a decade ago, even the reserved seats for Dalit students used to go unoccupied because students from Dalit community had very frail academic base and they could never make it through the tough medical entrance exams. But PDRC’s intervention has broken that tendency and now, not only the reserved seats are occupied but also the Dalit students are able to sit and succeed in free competition with every other student in Nepal.

The achievement was not gained with little effort. PDRC team worked hard day and night and put the best of their hearts and minds to make it possible. Saturday motivational class is a part and parcel of this goal and vision-where we encourage senior students to inspire and lead and guide the juniors towards the right path. In the program, Sujit Darnal, an MBBS student from Kist Medical College was felicitated by PDRC president with Tika and Mala. Sujit made us all proud by securing highest mark in MBBS 1st year in the entire Tribhuwan University.

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