PDRC 7th Anniversary celebrated

10 Aug 2012

KATHMANDU, NEPAL (17 July, 2012): PDRC celebrated its 7th anniversary on 17 July, 2012 at Dilliraman-Kalyani Regmi Memorial Library located in Lazimpat, Kathmandu. PDRC was established in 2005 by the group of people committed enough to bring change in the lives of people through education. Government representative, PDRC advisory members, executive members, management team and the students were present in the meeting.

The program kicked off with the welcome speech from PDRC secretary Ram Charmakar. Immediately after his welcome speech, PDRC executive director Birendra Bishwakarma did a brief presentation about PDRC activities and its major accomplishments in the last one year. He shared some of the key achievements that PDRC has helped to shape the future of many Dalit youths.

Among the speakers were Dr. Tara Lal Shrestha, subaltern writer and a lecturer at Tribhuvan University. Mr. Shrestha addressed the gathering as a keynote speaker. He inspired participants, specially the youths, to be academically sound and competent. He further added, “This community must make its presence everywhere including the state beurocracy. Your focus must be in education because it gives the scholarly grist to the people”

During this occasion, the graduates of PDRC’s 2nd batch of Academic and Intellectual Discourse on Dalit were also provided with certificate of participation. The chair of the State Restructuring Committee awarded them with the certificate. In the program, two of the graduates also shared their opinion about the course and its implications in their future career.

The other eminent present in the meeting also acknowledged the contribution of PDRC. Dalit intellectual Hira Bishwakarma told that PDRC has been doing a phenomenal work in its sector. Unfortunately, neither the government nor the donor agencies seems to have been serious in this matter. Higher education doesn’t fall under their priority. Therefore, PDRC must be serious in finding adequate resources for its sustainability.

Similarly, Dr. Lekhnath Poudel, undersecretary at Ministry of Education (MoE) said, “In recent years, the number of services that you’re providing at PDRC have grown. You’re focusing your energy and attention exclusively in higher education which is worth praising. I believe that this investment will certainly define the future Dalit movement.”

Likewise, the chair of the State Restructuring Committee (SRC) Dr. Madan Pariyar also appreciated PDRC work. He further told, “These accomplishments seem to me crucial in further advancement of Dalit movement in the future. PDRC has really evolved profoundly in its mission to unlock the potentiality of our youths.”

It was with heartfelt gratitude that PDRC vice president Bhim B K delivered a vote of thanks on behalf of PDRC family to all guests and other invitees at the ceremony. “For us, your presence here meant a lot. It is the recognition of our noble work and it has also boosted up our confidence to move ahead with greater energy and commitment, “he told to the crowd of more than 150.

Few PDRC students also spoke in the program. They shared how PDRC helped them to shape their future. Dhan Kumari Sunar, Ex-member of National Women Commission also spoke in the ceremony.

In her concluding remarks, PDRC president Kamala Hemchuri acknowledged the role of individuals and the organizations that helped PDRC bring to this stage. She further said, “I’m profoundly thankful to my team for their dedication and team spirit. We could have never been here to share our accomplishments with you today had some people didn’t extend their helping in our endeavors in the past. Therefore, I want to salute all of them.” She further told, “We want to march ahead; we have to take PDRC ahead and we have to reach new heights with this spirit.”

The program was moderated by PDRC executive member Leela Rasaily.

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