What is PDRC?

PDRC is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to increase the access of Dalit youths to quality higher education. It further provides financial support to the students along with skill and competency enhancement trainings.

How can you be a student of PDRC?

You have to visit PDRC in person and fill up a counseling form. The counseling form can be obtained from PDRC’s reception desk.

Does PDRC also provide scholarships?

Yes. PDRC provides two types of scholarships namely scholarship and payback scholarships. Scholarships are given to the students studying in grade XI and XII where as payback scholarships are given to the students who are studying in bachelor and above. Both scholarships are given on regular monthly basis until the end of designated course. In addition, PDRC also facilitates numbers of national and international scholarships in favor of Dalit students.

Who finances PDRC’s work?

The majority of the income comes from the individuals around the world.

How did PDRC start?

The founder of PDRC is Birendra Biswakarma. This was first established as a small hostel program of Dalit Welfare Organization (DWO). In 2005, it was registered as autonomous entity and has been working independently since then.

How does PDRC provide scholarship to the students?

The scholarships are provided on the basis of applicant’s performance in written test and interview. In addition, academic standing, economic condition, geographical proximity and urgency issues are also taken into considerations. There is a separate scholarship selection committee comprises senior staff and board members which is responsible for the selection of the students.

Where are other contact offices of PDRC across the country?

We have only a central office in Kathmandu. We don’t have any regional contact offices or networks. However, our all services are open to every student irrespective of their origin.

I am looking for a job. How can PDRC assist me in this endeavor?

We have recently launched a database website named Dalit Employability Enhancement Database (DEED). This is a roaster of all educated Dalit youths in Nepal. Once you are registered in a system, we will help you find a job either in a private sector, government agencies and development sector. We also help selected numbers of Dalit youths to prepare for the public service commission exams.

How can I receive updates from PDRC?

First of all, you are advised to subscribe our mailing list in the website. By doing so, you will receive updates periodically. You can follow us on social media for quick updates and information.

Can I also use your resource center during load shedding?

In our Resource Center, there are ten computers connected with uninterrupted power back up and strong internet connectivity. Therefore, load shedding won’t stop you enjoying our resource center facilities.