PDRC conducts research on Dait’s status in higher education. We also assess and monitor the effectiveness of the resources allocated and mobilized for Dalit’s education. We also promote informed advocacy based on the research findings and provide suggestion for policy overhaul to the policy makers. 

Likewise, PDRC also provides research grants to the social science graduates who want to research on Dalit’s issue. We provide financial and technical support to them so that they enhance their research skills and produce quality research work. PDRC’s research unit conducts AI discourse on Dalit annually in order to sensitize youths and future leaders to promote a culture of academic and intellectual research and discourse.



PDRC advocates for Dalit’s right to quality education. It involves monitoring, networking, campaigning and lobbying for policy change in higher education. As an active member of National Campaign for Education (NCE) and Dalit NGO Federation (DNF), PDRC proactively participates in advocacy and solidarity agenda proposed by fellow education workers and DNGOs. 

We refuse to stay cavalier during the time of extreme atrocities. We have raised our voice every time injustice is perpetrated against Dalit. In 2013, PDRC’s advocacy unit strongly campaigned to condemn heinous act committed against Dalit in Routahat and Belbari. 

Moreover, we are planning to launch more rigorous advocacy activities to pressurize public and private sectors to expand employment opportunities for Dalit youths. Our campaign for enlisting educated Dalit youths in DEED (Dalit Employability Enhancement Database) is in full execution for the purpose of advocacy.