In preparation for recruitment into goverment agencies, marginalized Dalit youth are encouraged to participate in the Public Service Commission (PSC) Exam Preparation program. Through this program PDRC provides financial, technical and moral support to youth as they prepare for careers in the government sector.  PDRC provides guidance, motivation and helps the candidates in every possible way to ensure their successful recruitment into public sector job.



The idea of PSC preparation campaign stems from a thorough research on Dalit’s representation at bureaucracy and Dalit’s performance on Public service examination conducted  by PDRC. It is a rather disturbing fact that Brahmin and Ksetry that make up 30% of the population have 84% presence in bureaucracy while Dalits despite being 13% of the population have far less representation in public sector job, i.e less than 1 %. Dalits’ meager representation in government means they have little access to policy formation and implementation-perpetuating Dalit community’s impoverished way of life, generation after generation.

Post 2006 revolution, Nepal has embarked upon an unprecedented journey of leveling out the field for the players from every rung through various affirmative actions. Public service Act of 2007 has reserved 4% seat in public sector job for the candidates from Dalit. In the beginning years, however, the reserved seats for Dalits went unoccupied due to poor academic background; Dalit Candidates would barely make it to the qualifying exams. In this context, PDRC’s research team thoroughly studied the prevailing scenario and pitched the idea of launching a collaborative campaign to address this issue with fellow Dalit NGOs. As a result, PDRC has been leading this campaign as “PSC Exam Preparation Program” since 2010.


With fairness being one of its core values, PDRC strictly speaks against favoritism and nepotism and stands for merit and need based support. Under PSC exam preparation support, PDRC provides technical and moral support to all the candidates from Dalit community who apply for help but provides financial assistance to those who need the most and deserve the best. 

Succesful Candidates 

Yasoda Ghimire
Section officer- Taxpayers Office

Bikash Sundas

Section Officer-Ilaka Prashasan Karyalaya

Gopi Bisahwokarma
Section officer - Appellate Court

Dasharath Ram Od
Section Officer - Ministry of General Administration 

Laxmi Kumar Bk
Section Officer- Ministry of General Administration 

Pradip Pariyar
Section Officer- Ministry of General Administration

Prasant Kumar Bishwakarma
Section Officer- Nepal Airlines

Sujan Bardewa
Section Officer- Ministry of General Administration 

Sravan Kumar BK
Inspector- Nepal Police


Year Leader Collaborating organization Contribution
2011 PDRC NDPS  
2013 PDRC DNF,FEDO,NDSWO, NDPS, Samata Foundation