The YEST Program (Youth Empowerment in Science and Technology) is designed to prepare high school graduates to succeed through tough entrance examinations for medical, engineering and various other technical programs. The YEST program helps students develop a penchant for science and technology and encourages them to build a career in these fields. Under this program we provide technical, financial and motivational assistance to the students so that they stay focused on their goals, academic plan and earn admission to the most prized colleges inside and outside the nation in full or partial scholarship.


In addition to providing for basic necessities through financial support and motivational leadership the YEST program also fosters an environment of positive competition and inspiration among students to ensure student success. The YEST program is based upon this foundation and is dedicated to developing inspired, confident and motivated youth with a can-do attitude that are equipped with the skills to succeed with any of their goals.  Not everyone is gifted with equivalent academic aptitude, yet everyone is entitled to equal opportunities to materialize their worth. The YEST program makes sure each and every student is fully prepared and motivated for success at the technical college level.  


Through the YEST program we prepare students for competitive entrance examination for well-known medical, engineering, forestry, agriculture and IT colleges. For this, we first counsel the students and help them make decision about which field of study and which colleges to choose. For this we assess their score, interest, financial background and additional talent. Then we inform them about the technical and science courses offered by various college and universities, along with full and partial scholarship opportunities. Once students make decision about which path to choose, we support students in developing an exam preparation plan in consideration of the entrance examination deadlines and requirements. We also support needy students financially to enroll in preparation classes. We conduct scheduled mock tests at PDRC office to support students in their preparation and time management skills. We encourage senior students to provide mentorship and leadership to junior students creating an environment of positive competition and empowering students to achieve success.