Advisory Board

Dr. Bidyanath Koirala
Dr. Madan Pariyar
Dr. Krishna Bhattachan
Dr. Meg Biswakarma
Dr. Lekhnath Poudel

Executive Board Member

Mrs. Kamala Hemchuri - President 
Mrs. Hemchuri is a prominent Dalit women activist. She has been a very active civil society leader in the country. She served in the board of directors of Nepal Bank Ltd. Likewise, she did six months diploma course on development from COADY international institute, Canada. She is also one of the member delegates of 4th women international conference on women held in Beijing. She has traveled far and wide in Europe and Asia.
Mr. Ram Charmakar- General Secretary Mr. Charmakar is a development professional and he has received master’s degree in Sociology from Tribhuvan University. He previously worked with National Human Rights Commission and now he is working with SAMATA Foundation in Kathmandu, Nepal. He is interested in social development and research.
Yaduni Das- Secretary Mr. Yaduni Das is a permanent resident of Rautahat district. He has completed master’s degree in Chemistry from Tribuvan University. He is also the founder general secretary of Professional Development and Research Center (PDRC). Currently, he is a lecturer at NASA International College, Kathmandu.
Sabitra Pariyar- Treasurer Mrs. Sabitra Pariyar has completed master’s degree in rural development from Tribhuvan University. She is also a founding executive board member of PDRC. After that, she also worked as a first coordinator of PDRC’s Empowering Dalit Daughters (EDD) project. Currently, she is working with Dalit NGO Federation (DNF).
Leela Rasaily- Member Mrs. Rasaily received her master’s degree in Sociology from Tribhuvan University. She worked with various International organizations and donor agencies like UNICEF, Save the Children-UK, SNV Nepal and DFID funded project. Her expertise falls under Education, Community forestry, Child Rights and Social Science Research. Presently she is working as freelance consultant.
Pompa Sunar- Member Mrs. Sonar received dual bachelor’s degree in Geography from Arunachal University and B. Ed. from Dibrugarh University, Assam, India. She also worked for Dalit NGO Federation as a communication and documentation officer. Prior to this, she worked with Carter Center.
Dr. Gangaram Bishwakarma- Member DR. GANGARAM B.K. (KALIKOTE), (B.COM, MTM, MBA, M.Phil., Ph.D, PGDTTIM, PGDCA, PGDHSM, DICH) is awarded with Nepal Bidhya Bhusan 'A' by government of Nepal . Presently he is Senior Assistant Professor in the Apex College, Kathmandu. He was formerly Associate Professor, Career Point University's Campus- Career Point Technical Campus in India. He is a visiting faculty to various colleges in Kathmandu, Nepal and India. He also continues to undertake research consultancy in various research organizations in Nepal. He is also the Founder Director (Operations and Business Relations) of Amanni Education Pvt. Ltd., Kathmandu. Prior to becoming an academic, he had a variety of public health administration and research jobs in public sector in India for more than a half decade.
Jagu Bisunke- Member Mr. Jagu Bisunke completed his Master Degree in Humanities/Social Science from Patan Multiple Campus in 2006. Currently, he is working in German International Cooperation (GIZ/) as a Finance Officer. Prior to this, he also worked outside Kathmandu, in Dhading and Gorkha under the GTZ project. He has also received numbers of international trainings on finance from India and Thailand.
Raj K. Gandharba- Member Raj Kumar Gandharba holds a Masters in English from Tribhuvan University. He is a development professional and has worked with various organizations – both national international NGOs. His experience also includes multi-level (Nepal's schools to post-secondary institutions) teaching to management. Currently, he is working as the Senior Programme Manager at VSO Nepal, and is also the President of National Campaign for Education Nepal (a national collation of diverse organizations from community based to national and international organizations including I/NGOs, teacher community and education journalists). Mr. Gandharba has won the Anthony Thompson Award (2008). He is a finalist of the World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) Award 2012. Mr. Gandharba has worked as the Editor-in-Chief of Dalit Solidarity (Quarterly Bulletin in English) and also edits books and articles.
Dr. Rabina G Rasaily- Member

Dr. Rabina G. Rasaily, holds Doctorate in Rural Development and Management Studies from China Agricultural University, Beijing, China in 2012. She is a Development Worker with 14 years of professional experiences and skills working with Government line agencies, I/NGOs, donor, development partner, and private company in the area of Sustainable Livelihoods and Poverty Reduction, Knowledge Management and Networking/Outreaching, Economic Empowerment and Rural Development, Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation, Natural Resources Management, Programme/Project Management, Research and Publication, Micro Enterprise Development, Policy Review and Analytic Coherence, Public Private Partnership Approach, and most importantly in the Education theme. She has worked in the several remote districts both Hill and Terai Region of Nepal and believes in human kind development and law of nature.

Hem Lamsal - Member

Hem Bahadur Lamsal has a decade long experience in the field of development. Currently, he works for World Vision International as a national specialist for education. His fields of expertise include programming in education, conflict resolution skills (negotiation and mediation skills), program design, implementation and monitoring, research/study and advocacy.

He holds master’s degree in conflict, peace and development studies from Tribhuvan University, Nepal and University of Ruhuna, Srilanka. On top of that, he has worked with numbers of national and international agencies including National Campaign for Education, South Asia Institute of Advanced Studies, Jana Utthan Pratisthan as well as United Mission to Nepal as regular staff as well as FHI360 and UNDP and Ministry of Peace and Reconstruction as a consultant.

Santosh Nepali- Member

Santosh Nepali is a president of PDRC Students Association and represents students in the PDRC board. He holds bachelor’s degree in Human Biology from Kathmandu University.
He is also one of the alumni of the Near East and South Asia Undergraduate Exchange program. This program is now known as the Global UGRAD Exchange Program that provides one semester scholarship to outstanding undergraduate students from around the world for non-degree full time study in the United States.


Management Team

Birendra Biswakarma 
Founder/Executive Director 
Rup Sunar
Program Manager   
D. B. Biswakarma 
Research & Advocacy Officer  
Riban Mangrati   
HR Development Officer
Pabita Poudel   
Asst. Admin and finance Officer
  Purna Maya Biswakarma
Office Helper