Historical background

PDRC’s novel idea comes from a place of profound passion –which has a story in itself.

Birendra Biswakarma is from Assam, India. Bright and brilliant, he successfully competed with thousands of students to get enrolled at NIT Silchar. As a highly- skilled and competent Pass out from one of the finest Engineering schools in India, he was offered highly-rewarding jobs by different companies. He started working for a Mumbai-based telecom company. His career was winding up to the promising path. One day he decided to give up his job.

This decision did not stem from a whim or an impulse. It was rather a well-thought, well-contemplated decision. Before long, he realized that education was his calling. Instead of working harder to make rich people richer, he felt his hard work would yield better if leveraged it in the favor of deprived, direction-less kids.

When he was sent to Kathmandu by his company as Techno-Commercial Engineer for Nepal in 1997, he came into contact with an NGO, named Dalit Welfare Organization (DWO). He had heard many stories from the people associated with this organization about the prevailing caste-based discrimination in Nepal. His heart always ached for the kids of Dalit community who lacked access to quality education due to systematic denial of information, resources and representation

In order to reach to this decision, he exchanged several letters with then DWO president Motilal Nepali and executive director Ganesh Kaliraj when he went back to India. Finally he quits his job in 2002 and moved to Nepal.

After coming to Nepal, he came in contact with people with congenial passion and vision. After that, Professional Research & Development Backbone (PRDB) program was launched in 2003 as a small hostel program within DWO. The main purpose of this hostel was to encourage Dalit youths to pursue their further study/ career in science and technology sans hassle.

The people working for this cause soon realized that the work would have to be carried out extensively and institutionally. As a result, in 2005, the hostel program was registered as an autonomous entity under the name Professional Development and Research Center (PDRC) at district administration office, Kathmandu. Since then, PDRC has been working tirelessly to increase the access of Dalit and underprivileged youths into quality and employable higher education. It has also been affiliated with Social Welfare Council.

PDRC’s uncharted journey that kicked off on 17 July, 2005 has established many milestones on the way, has forged a distinct arena for itself. Institutionalizing the lessons learnt from the failures and successes-PDRC now towers as a selfless organization devoted to escalate the educational and professional opportunities for the youths from Dalit and other vulnerable communities.