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Rallies held to celebrate GAWE 2018
Kathmandu, Nepal 24 April, 2018: Around 300 people representing different civil society organizations participated in a rally organized to celebrate Global Action Week for Education (GAWE).The main purpose of the campaign is to raise awareness about the importance of education for achieving sustainability and the commitments made by all to reach the global education goal by 2030. The rally whic

PDRC Distributed 21 Scholarships
PDRC organized a scholarship distribution ceremony for the academic year 2018-19 on Sunday 15th April, 2018. PDRC president Kamala Hemchuri presided over the event, board members and the guardians/parents of the students were also present. Scholarships were distributed to over 21 students of different level from 10+2 up to undergraduate courses which include General Science, Medicine, Enginee

Information Seminar held on Australia Awards
March 30, 2018, Kathmandu - PDRC together with Australia Awards held an information seminar on the Australia Awards Scholarships at Hotel Hardik in Kathmandu. Australia Awards are prestigious international Scholarships and Fellowships funded by the Australian Government. They offer the next generation of global leaders an opportunity to undertake study, research and professional development in Aus


Discussion Held on the Scholarships for Dalit
Kathmandu ( 30 July, 2015): A stakeholder’s meeting held on Wednesday 29 July, 2015 at the Ministry of Education in presence of education minister honorable Chitra Lekha Yadav. The meeting mainly discussed on scholarships provided to Dalit students from school to PhD level, with especial focus on scholarship given by Higher Secondary Education Board (HSEB) and Council for Technical Educ

Ten Years Still and Going
PDRC was established on July 17th, 2005 and is excited to be commemorating its 10th anniversary today. We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all the students (both old and new), sponsors, advisers, guardians, colleges/universities, well wishers, stakeholders, board members and partners. We could never have reached this milestone without your care, support and love. Since its incep

PDRC’s Response to Massive Earthquake
The massive earthquakes that struck Nepal on 25 April and the major aftershock occurred on 12 May were unprecedented natural disasters Nepal has ever experienced. It claimed more than 8700 lives and decimated millions of houses and infrastructure. During this crisis, PDRC also extended helping hand to the people who were in need of urgent humanitarian assistance and reconstruction. Immediately

PDRC Team Visits New Delhi, India
Kathmandu 22 April, 2015: PDRC team represented by president Kamala Hemchuri and program manager Rup Sunar visited New Delhi, India from 11 to 18 April, 2015 to expand the international relationship of the organization. During this visit, the team visited and interacted with numbers of academic and social institutes working for Indian Dalit. Among the organizations visited include Samata Sainik Da


Information Seminar on Australia Awards Held
Kathmandu, December 11, 2014- The Professional Development and Research Center (PDRC) and Australia Awards co-hosted an information seminar entitled “Australia Awards Scholarships - Nepal Intake 2016”. The objective of the program was to disseminate information about Australia Awards, including application procedure, eligibility criteria, and benefits. Australia Awards is a prestigious

PDRC Granted 22 Scholarships
 Kathmandu- November 23, 2014 – PDRC awarded scholarship to 15 students who are doing 10+2 and payback scholarship to 7 students enrolled in bachelor level. Out of 22 scholarships, 19 scholarships were granted through Dr. Tom Jacobsen Fund, established under the name of Norwegian Engineer Dr. Tom Jacobsen while 3 scholarships are sponsored by a former PDRC board member Reemaya Nepali wh

PDRC 5th General Convention Held
Professional Development and Research Center (PDRC) held its 5th General Convention on Saturday November 1st, 2014 and elected a new executive team. Kamala Hemchuri was re-elected as the President of PDRC after serving successfully as President for two tenures. Bhim B K was elected as Vice President whereas Ram Charmakar was elected as a General Secretary. Yaduni Das was elected as Secretary, and

Inaugural and Orientation Ceremony Held
September 19, 2014 (Kathmandu): The fourth batch of the Public Service Commission (PSC) Exam Preparation program formally kicked off on 17 September, 2014. Jitu Gautam, a prominent political leader, inaugurated the program amid a grand ceremony at the Office of the District of Kathmandu Development District, Babarmahal, Kathmandu. Chaired by Chandra Bahadur Bishwokarma, executive director of Dalit

Exam Held for PSC Prep Classes
On 8 September 2014, over 100 Dalit candidates participated in the selection test for the preparation class of Public Service Commission exam, supported by the PDRC in collaboration with the seven other partner organizations. Candidates completed the rigorous two hour exam before proceeding to the interview phase of the preparation.  Each student completed a 5-10 minute interview by PDRC staf

PDRC 9th Anniversary Celebrated
17 July 2014, PDRC marked the 9th anniversary of its founding. The member of PDRC advisory board, executive committee, management team and the members of the students association were present in the meeting. In the same occasion, PDRC also bid farewell to the Canadian volunteer David Shinwell who helped PDRC to prepare Five Year Strategic Plan 2015-2019 in the capacity of strategic planning adviso

Graduation Ceremony Held
Kathmandu, 27th June, 2014:  PDRC held a graduation ceremony to honor 17 graduates of its Academic and Intellectual Discourse (AID)at The Bakery Café at Sundhara on 27th June, 2014. The graduates attended a month long PDRC sponsored course which is based on academic and intellectual discourse on Dalit issues. The ceremony, chaired by PDRC President Kamala Hemchuri and dignified with

PDRC Executive Director Resumed His Duty
Kathmandu, May 21, 2014: PDRC executive director Birendra Biswakarma has resumed his duty effective from 19 May, 2014 after a year-long leave. He had been on 12 months strategic leave for conducting an action research on technology driven education system for students living in remote areas.  The Executive Director, who looked too exultant to have resumed his responsibility, shared his experi

PDRC Career Development Workshop Held
Kathmandu, 22 April, 2014 – Professional development and Research Center (PDRC) organized a workshop entitled PDRC Career Development Workshop 2014 in collaboration with Human Resource Department of US Embassy on 22 April, 2014 at SAP Falcha, Babarmahal, Kathmandu. 20 graduate Dalit youths from various educational and professional backgrounds participated in the workshop. The purpose of

National Workshop on Caste-based Discrimination at School Held
Kathmandu, Nepal: A nation workshop entitled “Equity and Inclusive Education Issue: Caste-based Discrimination at Schools” was organized in Kathmandu on 19 April, 2014. This workshop is organized by Samata Foundation in collaboration with Professional Development and Research Center (PDRC), NNDSWO, Dalit Welfare Organization (DWO), and National Campaign for Education-Nepal. The main ob

PDRC Students Association Formed
Kathmandu- March 15, 2014. PDRC formed seven members PDRC Students Association (PSA) on Saturday 15 March, 2014 at PDRC office in Kalanki, Kathmandu. Santosh Nepali was elected as president of the association where as Anju Kandel was elected as a vice president. Likewise, Smita Nepali was elected on the post of secretary, and Santosh B K was elected for the post of treasurer for the association. S

6 Students Awarded Payback Scholarship
Kathmandu, February 27, 2014 - PDRC awarded 6 payback scholarships to deserving Dalit students who are studying bachelor’s degree in different colleges around the country. Their area of study includes MBBS, Nursing, ICT and Education. This scholarship is awarded through Dr. Tom Jacobsen Fund, which is established by the Norwegian engineer Dr. Tom Jacobsen. Students receive this scholarship i

Information Seminar held on Australia Awards
Kathmandu- Jan 14, 2014. Professional Development and Research Center (PDRC) in coordination with Australia Awards organized a seminar entitled “Australia Awards Scholarships - Nepal Intake 2015” with an objective to disseminate information about Australia Awards, its requirement and benefits. Australia Awards are prestigious international scholarships funded by the Australia Governmen


Prize Distribution Ceremony Held
Kathmandu-December 20, 2013- PDRC distributed prizes to the essay contest winners today in a modest ceremony held at Martin Chautari. Hosted by PDRC to commemorate 65th International Human Rights Day, the essay competition was a part of Human Rights Magna Meet. Dalbir Bhiyal from Mugu won the first prize among the students of Bachelor’s level while Santosh BK from Arghakhanchi won the fi

PDRC Bids Farewell to L4C Volunteer
Kathmandu-December,4,2013-UNITERRA/CECI Volunteer Alexandra Baril left Nepal the other night after successfully completing her tenure as a Leave for Change Volunteer at PDRC. She developed strategies and different training professional modules for PDRC’s Resource Center which will be instrumental in equipping Dalit youths with skills.  Her endeavors in capacity development of the staff

Yet another volunteer to PDRC
 Kathmandu-November 12, 2013- PDRC has received yet new Leave for Change volunteer Alexandra Baril from Ottawa, Canada. She is currently working at World University Service Canada. At WUSC, she supports a network of student run campus groups at universities and colleges in Canada and in West Africa and advocates in support of international development and education. PDRC’s president Ka

Orientation on PSC exam Preparation class conducted
Kathmandu-October 25,2013-This year’s preparation class for Public Service Commission’s exam has been formally started with the Inauguration and Orientation Program which was conducted in 25th October in FEDO hall. The program was attended by the members from partner organizations and the youths who are going to participate in the preparation class.Young government officers, who ha

Dr. Tom Jacobsen Interacts with PDRC family and students
Kathmandu-Oct 4, 2013- PDRC successfully organized and facilitated an interaction event among Dr. Tom Jacobsen, PDRC board members and Students. Interaction event with the board members and the students were held separately on the same date. Dr. Tom Jacobsen is a Hydraulic Engineer and CEO of Jarla AS. He has been a well-wisher of PDRC since long and founder of Dr. Tom Jacobsen Scholarship Fun

5-Years Strategic Planning Meeting Held
Kathmandu-September 28, 2013- September 27 and 28 remained very important days for PDRC as all the staff members and board members were busy formulating 5-years strategic plan for PDRC. The two-day strategic meeting was held in Budol, Banepa with technical support from CECI. The meeting was facilitated by PDRC‘s Organizational Development and Capacity Building Advisor Blair Henry. In the m

14 students awarded DTJF Scholarship
Kathmandu-September 26,2013- PDRC awarded Scholarship to 11 students who are doing their 10+2 and PayBack Scholarship to 3 students who are in college doing technical degrees. The scholarship is given through Dr. Tom Jacobsen Fund, which is established by Norwegian Engineer Dr. Tom Jacobsen. The scholarship and the PayBack scholarship are provided to the students until they finish their designated

Students igniting their passion in Saturday motivation class
Kathmandu-September 21, 2013-On September 21st, more than 40 students were busy kindling their spirit and igniting their wings inside PDRC. But the source of the fire was not the scorching sun outside- it was the motivational speech by their seniors and teachers. Last Saturday, PDRC saw a several dozens of students excited to listen to their seniors and role models. And they were not let down-

Sandhya and Chadani fly off to USA
Kathmandu- August 12, 2013-PDRC Student Chadani Dulal and Sanfhya Rasaili flew to the USA on 10th August after being selected as NESA-UGRAD fellows for 2013-14 . NESA-UGRAD (The Near East & South Asia Undergraduate Exchange Program) is facilitated by Fullbright commission Nepal, where the fellows will be placed at different universities for the period of 1 year, to receive a non degree course.

PDRC endows research grants to 5 postgraduate students
Kathmandu- August 14, 2013- 5 students from TU received Research grant worth Rs 100,000 in order to complete their master’s Thesis in Dalit issue in a formal ceremony. The chief guest and key note speaker of the grant distribution program was senior social scientist  Dr. Chaitanya Subba who congratulated the research grant awardees and  shed light on the concept of social democracy

Q and A with Pravin Shreepaili,a would-be aeronautic engineer
Kathmandu, 8 August, 2013: PDRC supported hard-working student Pravin Shreepaili  from Dang by providing scholarship and study and career counseling. He has made us, his community and family proud by winning an Indian Embassy scholarship in an open-for-all competition and getting admission offer from NITTE Meenakshi Institute of Technology, which is considered to be one of the best institutio

PDRC celebrates birthday with Blood Donation Camp
 Kathmandu 18 July, 2013: Triumphantly grappling with every adversity on the way, PDRC has entered into 9th year from July 17th. To commemorate this auspicious occasion, PDRC organized a blood donation camp today at Bhugol Park New Road on the same day.  “We wanted to do something new and philanthropic on this day, so we chose to arrange this blood donation clinic” confided M

PDRC's Interaction Program held at US Embassy
Kathmand 12 July, 2013: PDRC organized an unprecedented meeting with US Embassy officers where it brought 35 participants-including  AI graduates, AI resource persons and PDRC Board members -together to share their convictions on how US Embassy can assist address the pertinent Dalit issues of Nepal and listen to the US Embassy’s past, present and future contribution and commitment to th

AI Discourse Cohort-III Graduation ceremony held
Kathmandu 1 July, 2013: 18 graduates of Academic and Intellectual Discourse were awarded with course completion certificates in a modest ceremony held at Marco Polo Business Hotel Kathmandu on 1st July, 2013.  Emceed by Dr. Tara Lal Shrestha, the function was chaired by PDRC President Kamala Hemchuri and the Chief Guest Prof. Dr. Abhi Subedi delivered a commencement speech. Represent

CK Lal urges Build network, coalition and resist the cooptation
Kathmandu, 20 June 2013- Delivering a thought provoking presentation on an interaction program organized by PDRC, prominent political columnist CK Lal compared and contrasted the features of different social and political movement of Nepal. Given the social context, values and spatiotemporal realities, Mr. Lal argued that different social movements cannot be weighed in a value-neutral way; we have

Consultation meeting with DEED stakeholders Held
Kathmandu, 18 June 2013-PDRC organized a meeting with stakeholders related with DEED (Dalit Employability Enhancement Database) with an aim of receiving feedbacks on the database.  Following the meeting with the stakeholders on last February which was concluded with a number of constructive feedbacks on how to make DEED an ideal and useful platform for all the stakeholders, prospective employ

PDRC Welcomes L4C Volunteer
Kathmandu June 12, 2013:The Professional Development and Research Center (PDRC) welcome Jennifer Leonard from Toronto, Canada as its new Marketing and Communication Advisor. During her 3 week tenure at the PDRC, Jennifer will developing the marketing and promotional materials to facilitate the access of Dalit in education opportunities and help to strengthen the role of PDRC as advocacy and resour

PDRC Welcomes Information and Documentation Officer
Kathmandu, June 5, 2013- Professional Development and Research Center (PDRC) has appointed Ms. Avinashi Paudel as its Information and Documentation Officer, with effective from 1 June 2013, bringing a diverse experience and talent to her new position in PDRC. Ms. Paudel has more than three years experience in the development communications, translation and Radio program production. As Informati

Interaction Program held on Dalit and Education
Kathmandu, 31 May 2013- Another milestone in the history of Professional Development and Research Center (PDRC) was achieved on 31st of May as it conducted an interaction program titled “Dalit Students’ Education and the Role of Teachers”  as a part of Dalit Civil Society’s 12 Days Campaign against Caste Based Discrimination. The event saw responsible authorities from

Rup Sunar appointed acting executive director for PDRC
Kathmandu 15 May, 2013- Mr. Rup Sunar has been appointed as the acting executive director of Professional Development and Research Center (PDRC) effective from May, 2013. He brings to the job more than four years of experience as a program manager in PDRC. Prior to this, he worked for different youth organizations and private sector. Mr. Sunar is a passionate and skillful person. His experience

Shova Received Late Man Bahadur and Ishwori Gahatraj Award
Kathmandu, 11 May 2013- Shova Magrati, a hard working Dalit girl currently studying masters degree in English at Tribhuvan University has been awarded with Late Sri Man Bahadur and Srimati Ishwori Gahatraj Award for 2069. The ceremony was held at Kupondol, Lalitpur on 10 May, 2013. This is a one-time-only scholarship award established by senior veterinary scientist, public health expert and Prof.

Mahatma Gandhi Scholarship Result Published
Kathmandu, April 9, 2013 - The Embassy of India in Nepal has published result of Mahatma Gandhi Scholarship for Nepalese students for 2013. This scholarship is awarded to Nepalese students studying in class XI and XII. The number of scholarships has been increased from 1000 to 2000, and the scholarship amount is also increased from NPR 500 to NPR 2000 from this year onward. Out of the total sch

Innovative Internship Program Opening Doors for Dalit Youths
I missed so many opportunities because of being a Dalit woman,” says 23 year old Anita Bhusal, who struggled to find a job because of her caste. That all changed when she was accepted in the Innovative Internship Program financed by the Uniterra Program, and delivered by the Professional Development and Research Center (PDRC). The initiative, which provided training in professional skills an

21 March Celebrated
(KATHMANDU, NEPAL 22 March, 2013): Hundreds of people representing various national and international organizations rallied to the street to mark the 48thInternational Day for the Elimination for Racial Discrimination. Coordinated by the National Dalit Commission in collaboration with scores of Dalit civil society organizations, this year’s theme was “The basis of ending racial discrim

Internship Graduation Ceremony held
Kathmandu, Nepal (22 February, 2013). Professional Development and research Centre (PDRC) organized a graduation ceremony of the first cohort of its PDRC-CECI Innovative Internship Program at COZY Foodland located in Kalanki, Kathmandu. This is a six months internship program launched by PDRC in partnership with Center for International Studies and Cooperation (CECI) through its Uniterra program.

PDRC welcomes HR Development Officer
PDRC is very excited to have Riban Mangrati on the team as a HR Development Officer for our database project. Riban will lead the national level database project of educated Dalit youths. He worked as an administrative officer, primarily as HR officer at S. K. Shoes Kathmandu from 2007 to 2010. Rabin holds MBA degree from Anna University of Chennai, India with specialization in human resource m


64th Int'l Human Rights Day observed
KATHMANDU (12 December, 2012)- Congratulations to Susma Rasaily and Kiran Bishwakarma for securing the first position in the essay contest in bachelor and 10+2 level respectively. Both of them wrote outstanding essays based on the topic – The Role of Higher Education in Promoting Dalit’s Human Rights. In order to commemorate 64th International Human Rights Day, Professional Developm

Virtual Interaction with Rajendra Senchuri
KATHMANDU, NEPAL (10 Oct, 2012) Professional Development and Research Center (PDRC) organized a virtual interaction program with Rajendra Senchuri on 22 September, 2012 at PDRC office in Kalanki, Kathmandu. He is a medical technologist and currently residing in the United States. He has also been serving as a secretary of Nepali-American Society for Oppressed (NASO) community. The program started

PDRC 7th Anniversary celebrated
KATHMANDU, NEPAL (17 July, 2012): PDRC celebrated its 7th anniversary on 17 July, 2012 at Dilliraman-Kalyani Regmi Memorial Library located in Lazimpat, Kathmandu. PDRC was established in 2005 by the group of people committed enough to bring change in the lives of people through education. Government representative, PDRC advisory members, executive members, management team and the students were pr

Talk program with HARVARD student
Professional Development and Research Center (PDRC) organized a talk program with Mr. Subhash Ghimire in Kathmandu on 9th June, 2012. Mr. Ghimire is a student of public policy in John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. He shared his journey from the tiny village of Gorkha to Harvard University with the students. He comes from a remote village called Arupokhari in Gorkha Dist

Award Distribution Ceremony held at PDRC
Ankush Nagarji, a talented Dalit youth currently pursuing his Masters in Sociology/Anthropology at Tribhuvan University has been felicitated with Dambar Singh and Seti Rasali Award for the year 2068. The event was held at PDRC on 25 May, 2012. This award was established by Veterinary Scientist, Public Health Expert and Professor Dr. Drona Prakash Rasali in memory of his late Grandfather and Mother

Hema Shreepaili received a Gold Medal
PDRC’s student Hema Shreepaili received a gold medal from the government of Nepal for her outstanding academic performance. She scored highest marks in the 10th batch (2008- 2011) of three year’s bachelor’s program of hotel management. This coveted medal was awarded on the occasion of 39th anniversary of NATHM. In her honor, PDRC organized a felicitation function at its office

Prashansa Leaves for Malaysia
PDRC’s student Prashansa Nepali left for Malaysia for six month’s internship at Hyatt Regency, Kuantan Resort in Malaysia, one of the most distinguished tourism destinations in the world. She is studying Bachelor in Hospitality and Catering Management (BHCM) at Kantipur College of Catering and Hospital Management in Kathmandu. The hospitality students are required to complete an intern

21st March Celebrated
The 47th International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination was observed here with the series of activities. This historic day was marked jointly by the sister organizations of major political parties and civil society organizations. This day aims at reminding the killing of 69 innocent black people by the police at peaceful demonstration in Sharpeville, South Africa in 1960. PDRC a

PDRC’s AI Discourse 1st batch concludes
The graduates of 1st batch of PDRC’s “Academic and Intellectual Discourse on Dalit” are awarded with the certificate of participation on February 10th, 2012 in Kathmandu. This course was started from June 26th to September 9th, 2011 with energetic youths representing diverse educational background as law, sociology, social work, social science, management and health. This program

PDRC students participate in youth exchange program
With the beginning of 2012, students from PDRC headed to UK under the youth exchange program of VSO Nepal; in coordination with VSO UK and Social Awareness Center, Nepal. The students are Nirmala Nepali from Dang and Arati B K from Bardiya. Both of them were the beneficiaries of our program called Empowering Dalit Daughters (EDD). Under this program, we select highly motivated Dalit daug


63rd International Human Rights Day observed
The Human Rights community, civil society organizations and civil society celebrated the 63rd Human Rights Day in Nepal with the slogan “Human Rights friendly constitution: Peace through justice.” Thousands of people took part in the Human Rights rally coordinated by NGO Federation on 10 December 2011. The rally started from Bhrikutimandap at 8:30 am and marched through the Shahitgate,

Three PDRC students clicked in MBBS for August session
PDRC has always been a platform for Dalit and underprivileged youths to make them capable of grasping the opportunities available for them. Like every year, PDRC’s three students clicked in a MBBS entrance exam conducted by the ministry of education for the August session. Now, they are the future doctors of our community.  The successful students are Deependra Mangrati (Gorkha), Ash

PDRC 6th anniversary celebrated
On the auspicious occasion of its 6th anniversary, Professional Development and Research Centre (PDRC) organized a grand celebration on 17 July, 2011 at Nepal Tourism Board (NTB). This year’s anniversary was celebrated with the slogan “Quality higher education for opportunity and change.” The prominent leaders of political parties, pioneers of the civil society organization, and

PDRC students fly to US under NESA UGRAD
Like previous years, two more students from PDRC went to the United States under Fulbright commission’s North East and South Undergraduate (NESA UGRAD) program. It’s an opportunity for outstanding undergraduate Nepalese students to study in the United States. Selected students get an in-depth exposure to US society, culture and academic life. The selected students are Shristi Khati an